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Internship Program

We offer more than just an Internship. We offer Opportunity!

Be one of the 1st to experience First Bank of the Lake!

As a nationwide SBA Preferred Lender, we have the resources and extensive experience to tailor an Internship Program built on a benefit-to-intern foundation. You will work alongside some of the best of the best in our industry.

Our goal is to augment your education with real-world, hands-on experience.

With a beginning focus on what is best for the interns, we developed a program that provides you meaningful work and opportunity. You will not be making coffee unless it goes in your cup. You will only scan documents and make copies if these tasks relate to whatever projects or initiatives you are part of. An experience where you will clearly see the value of your contribution, and how your efforts help small businesses. 

Our Internship Program is highly competitive.

Less than 1% of our applicants get hired on as an intern. Approximately one out of four interns receive a full-time employment offer. We are seeking those who are motivated by these statistics, not intimidated by them.


You must possess the courage to raise your hand, ask questions, seek guidance while working independently. You must not be afraid of failure and demonstrate the ability to learn from your mistakes and continue to grow and develop.

We work smart and hard, and expect you to bring the  HEAT:

  • Hustle. Our work is fast paced, and you must be flexible and agile, with the ability to pivot as you may be part of one to several projects that are critical to our business.
  • Effort. We evaluate interns on the effort they put into the program, their body of work, among other key metrics.
  • Attitude. Face the challenges presented with a positive, can-do attitude.
  • Teamwork. It is our culture, in our DNA. Our successes are completely dependent on every member of our team owning their part of our processes and collaborating across all departments to ensure we accomplish enterprise goals in helping to fund small businesses across our great nation.First Bank of the Lake Apple Store icon.

How long does the Internship last?

That is a combination of your body of work and our ever-increasing business needs. We are a true Meritocracy.
  • Some of our interns go on to graduate school.
  • Some choose other fields with the banking/finance industry.
  • Some discover this industry is not a good fit.
  • Others show the innate qualities an individual must have and exhibit, not only from a talent and ability standpoint, but also a good fit within our culture. These individuals are often offered the opportunity to join us as we continue our stratospheric growth.

Are you seeking:

  • A progressively challenging work environment?
  • Solid training, supervision, and feedback?
  • A job where the nature of work is both substantial and relevant to organizational goals?
  • Where you will clearly see the value of your contribution, and how your efforts help small businesses?

If you want to join a Mission Based, Purpose Driven, Inclusive and Dynamic Culture, apply for our Internship Program or any of our current job openings.

Read what some of our Team Members say about their Intern Experience:
"I received a ton of training and mentorship from my direct supervisor"
"I enjoyed the teamwork and the leadership shown at the bank"
"Management works closely with interns to help them guide their path forward"

“I started as an intern, primarily working on loan forgiveness for the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program. Helping borrowers achieve forgiveness was an extremely rewarding experience, and my team had fostered a positive environment that was critical to the work we were doing. I enjoyed the teamwork and the leadership shown at the bank, so I chose to pursue full-time employment to continue to develop the wonderful relationships I had begun to form.”
Cayley Shirley

“The internship program allowed me the opportunity to learn new skills, work with a wide variety of bank employees and understand the bank culture. Throughout my internship I learned more about the different roles available at the bank and what the expectations would be within those roles. After graduating from college and starting full time I received a ton of training and mentorship from my direct supervisor. The transition was very smooth and allowed me to grow quickly within my new position.”
Savannah Hunt

"First Bank of the Lake gave me a great opportunity to immerse myself in various projects to learn a variety of skills. My time as an intern I gained a lot of exposure to different positions in the banking industry. Because of the various projects and tasks that I was assigned, it provided me a clear-cut path to where I wanted to be moving forward. Management works closely with interns to help them guide their path forward, and choosing which department fits your personal skill set the best. They even allow you to work in multiple different departments if where you originally decide is not where your heart is.”
Ryan Maine
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We have 1st Class benefits!

From medical coverage to 401k, we have a variety of benefit options for everyone.