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Business Mobile Banking

Powerful financial management for your business accounts.

Business doesn't stop just because you're away from the office, and some of those important financial decisions can't just wait until you get back. 

That's why Business Mobile Banking can be such a crucial tool for you and your company.

Business Mobile Banking puts the power of financial management and supervision right into your hands...wherever you are, whenever you choose.

Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks with your mobile device. Simply take a photo of your check and securely submit your deposit for processing. It's fast, free, and at your fingertips.

Payment & Transfers

Enjoy convenient access to Bill Pay and Transfers functionality. Whether it is a recurring payment or a one-time payment, we make paying your bills hassle free. Schedule payments to companies and people, or securely move money between your accounts.

Ease of Use

Check balances & transactions
Give yourself the confidence that comes from knowing exactly where your finances stand by getting a look at all your accounts. View real-time balances, transaction history, and recent and pending transactions.

Instant Balance
Enable Instant Balance to securely preview your balance without logging in.

Contact a Business Banker to enroll in  Business Mobile Banking.

Once you're enrolled, search for the FBOL Business mobile app in the App Store or Google Play: 

  • Go to the Apple Store or Google Play
  • Search for First Bank of the Lake or FBOL Business mobile.
  • Download the FBOL mobile app
  • Enter your Online Banking User ID & follow the prompts. It’s that simple!
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Safety & Security

Approvals are at the heart of our Business Banking App and are an essential tool that helps protect your business against fraud. Approvals that have been set-up within our desktop site carry over to your mobile device. Authorized users have the ability to approve payments and ACH transactions, wherever they are and whenever it’s convenient. Approvals offer control over large transfers of money, help identify suspicious activity, and can stop fraudulent transactions before they ever happen. If you have transactions waiting for your approval and have activated your push alerts, you'll even see an alert right on your home screen.

Secure Login
Logging in from your mobile device is simple and very secure. In fact, our mobile login uses the same multi-layer security that’s used as if you’re logging in from your desktop computer. We confirm your credentials along with the device you are using. You can also securely sign in with Touch ID® and Fingerprint Authentication.
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Deposit checks right from your desktop with Remote Deposit. 

Save time preparing deposits, streamline cash flow and reduce risk of check fraud.