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Credit & Debit Card Processing

Custom card solutions perfect for your business!

Card Processing Solutions that help streamline your business and allows you to run your business better.

At First Bank of the Lake, we put you first. That's why we’ve partnered with BASYS Processing to offer credit and debit processing solutions. BASYS is a family-owned payment processor, and makes accepting credit and debit cards convenient, safe, and affordable. BASYS shares the same customer-oriented values as First Bank of the Lake.

Here are just a few of the benefits First Bank of the Lake customers will receive because of our partnership with BASYS:

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  • No automated phone systems. Your call will always be answered by a live, friendly voice.
  • A dedicated account rep. Someone that knows your name, NOT just your

    account number.

  • An in-house PCI Compliance team. They will proactively reach out to help you achieve and maintain compliance.

  • Offer your customers the ultimate convenience with credit and debit card acceptance! First Bank of the Lake and BASYS offer a variety of processing solutions, customized to meet any need:
    • Credit Card Terminals
    • Point-of-Sale Systems
    • Mobile Processing
    • Virtual Terminal Processing
    • E-Commerce
    • POS & Software Integration

Safety & Security

Alert notifications can help you monitor your money and detect unusual account activity. Set up and manage account alerts with the Mobile Banking app. You can choose to receive push notifications or email, or both. Alerts are a simple yet powerful way to stay connected to your account information. And you can track as much, or as little, as you choose.
Approvals are at the heart of our Business Banking App and are essential tool that helps protect your business against fraud. Approvals that have been set-up within our desktop site carry over to your mobile device. Authorized users have the ability to approve payments and ACH transactions, wherever they are and whenever it’s convenient. Approvals offer control over large transfers of money, help identify suspicious activity, and can stop fraudulent transactions before they ever happen. If you have transactions waiting for your approval and have activated your push alerts, you'll even see an alert right on your home screen.

Secure Login
Logging in from your mobile device is simple and very secure. In fact, our mobile login uses the same multi-layer security that’s used as if you’re logging in from your desktop computer. We confirm your credentials along with the device you are using. You can also securely sign in with Touch ID® and Fingerprint Authentication.

 We offer a complete lineup of the latest processing equipment, including fully integrated EMV terminals.
  • Ethernet, dialup, or WiFi connectivity.
  • Built-in printer.
  • Competitive processing rates for all major card brands.
First Bank of the Lake is pleased to offer the Clover™ solution, a cloud-based Point of Sale system with inventory, open source applications, and business management tools to ensure the best fit for your business.
  • Robust reporting capabilities.
  • Full suite of integrated business management tools.
  • Accept strip and EMV cards, as well as contactless payments.
Whether it be processing on a tablet, smartphone, or fully dedicated wireless terminal, we have user friendly EMV products to fit your mobile needs.
  • Accept strip and EMV cards, as well as contactless payments.
  • User-friendly setup.
  • Competitive processing rates for all major card brands.
BASYS Processing’s custom on-line processing system, BASYS IQ, ensures that every transaction contains the correct information to qualify at the best rates, including Business Level III rates. We also work with, Paytrace, ePN, and more.
  • No new devices are necessary.
  • Qualify for the lowest Level II/III rates.
  • Full transaction and settlement history.
Let your customers shop with you 24/7 with an online shopping cart. We can help implement a secure payment solution for your e-commerce business that meets your needs while reducing the risk and cost of fraud and charge backs in the online world.
  • Simplified PCI DSS compliance.
  • Reduced risk of fraud and chargebacks.
  • Competitive processing rates for all major card brands.
From restaurants and catering, to hospitality, to phone ordering, we can integrate with virtually all point-of-sale systems on the market including Micros, Shift4, Aloha, and more.
  • Flexible integration.
  • Business management tools.
  • Competitive processing rates for all major card brands.
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Deposit checks right from your desktop with Remote Deposit. 

Save time preparing deposits, streamline cash flow and reduce risk of check fraud.