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Card Valet

Your Card, Your Rules

It’s your card, you should be able to decide when and where it gets used. Now you can. Introducing CardValet®.

It’s a mobile app that allows you to take control of your First Bank of the Lake debit and credit cards.

  • See transactions in real-time with instant alerts.
  • Turn payments on or off, which is handy when you can’t locate your card.
  • Set your personal card limits. You can limit your card to a certain location or region, limit it to specific types of merchants, specific transaction types and limit purchase amounts.
  • Curb spending by setting a purchase amount limit.
  • Tailor your real-time alerts to match your unique spending patterns. It lets you customize the types of alerts you receive.

Helping to safeguard your cards from fraud is easy with CardValet®.

Whether your card is used down the street, online, or overseas, you're in complete control.

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