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Kasasa Protect

Around-the-clock Identity theft protection!

Stay ahead of fraud – add comprehensive fraud protection to your checking!

Kasasa ProtectTM is around-the-clock protection for your personal and financial data against fraud and identity theft. It’s like invisible armor for your sensitive information.

This comprehensive and affordable service can be added to any First Bank of the Lake Kasasa® Checking account.

Enjoy more peace of mind with 24/7 credit monitoring, identity restoration services, and more.

  • Comprehensive identity protection and restoration solution.
  • Employs around-the-clock monitoring for fraudulent activity.
  • Immediately alerts you to any suspicious activity.
  • Quick, hands-on process of restoring your information should fraud occur.
  • Coverage from every angle provides peace of mind.
  • Funds directly deducted from your checking every month — no credit card needed!
  • Full suite of offerings, including:
    • 24/7 credit monitoring
    • Annual credit reports
    • Monthly credit score and tracker
    • Dark web monitoring
    • Lost wallet protection
    • Identity restoration
  • Exclusive pricing for First Bank of the Lake Kasasa® checking account holders –

    Only $7.99 per month!

  • No contract and no time commitment necessary.

Activate Kasasa ProtectTM in minutes!

Upon enrollment, Kasasa ProtectTM starts working immediately. Just be sure to log in and verify your identity so you can get the most value out of this service. Check your email for your activation link or visit the Kasasa ProtectTM website.
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Don't let fraud sneak up on you. We've got you covered. Sign up for

Kasasa ProtectTM today! 

The fastest and simplest way to guard against fraudulent activity. Get around-the-clock notices about important changes in your credit report, including:
  • Loan Data
  • Inquiries
  • New Accounts
  • Judgments
  • Liens
  • And more
  • Receive full access to annual credit report from TransUnion.
  • Provides deep insight into your credit report.
  • Helps you proactively manage your financial health and monitor your identity.
  • Regular review of your credit score, helping you stay on top of your credit.
  • Avoid the cost of pulling full credit reports.
  • View trends over time and find out exactly what’s moving your number.
  • Allows you to keep close tabs on your identity online.
  • Scans millions of international sources in real time.
  • Quickly spot stolen data that could identify you, such as a social security number or medical identification numbers.
In the event of a lost or stolen wallet:
  • One convenient point of contact handles cancellation and replacement of all your important documents.
  • Restoration through your agent includes: your cards, licenses, social security cards, insurance cards, passports, military IDs, and even traveler’s checks.
  • Helpful advice and resolution services provided the instant fraud occurs.
  • Certified specialists file, dispute and resolve issues with your credit or other vital records, including:
    • Filing fraud alerts
    • Placing credit freezes at different bureaus
    • Notifying authorities

Optional Add On Service: First Bank of the Lake offers Kasasa ProtectTM, an optional identity Fraud Protection And Restoration Service that includes identity theft, fraud protection and breach resolution through a separate, third party that can be added to your Kasasa Cash® or Cash Back® account. This add-on service (a) requires your explicit authorization to add these Identity Fraud Protection Services (“opt-in”), (b) charges a separate monthly fee and (c) can be cancelled at any time. A monthly fee of $7.99 will be charged for First Bank of the Lake Kasasa Cash or Cash Back account holders and $12.99 per month for all other checking account holders. Other terms and conditions may apply. See bank for details.

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