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Switch to First Bank of the Lake

Switching made Quick & Easy! It’s time to make the switch!

Don’t let the thought of switching banks stop you from better banking! Our simple Switch Kit will guide you through the process.

Follow these 5 simple steps and switch today.

Step 1: You decided to switch to First Bank of the Lake!
Now, let’s get started.

Step 2: Set up your new accounts with us!

Before you open your new First Bank of the Lake account, first learn more about your account choices.

When you’re ready to open your new account, we’ll help you choose the best account(s) for you, sign you up for online banking and order your debit card and checks.

Step 3: Stop using your old accounts.

Remember to leave sufficient funds to cover outstanding checks or auto payments.

Step 4: Set up your auto payments and deposits.

Complete the ‘Switch my Autopay’ Form and ‘Switch my Deposit’ Form included in the kit.

Step 5. Close your old account.

Confirm that all your checks have cleared and that all your auto payments and deposits have been processed. For your convenience there is an ‘I’ve Switched Banks’ Form included in the Switch Kit to let your old bank know where you’re moving your account(s).

You’re just a few steps away from enjoying everything we have to offer.

We hope you will take advantage of our great products and services. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us. We’re glad to help!

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Free Checking. Awesome Rewards. Better Banking!