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Kids & Money - Tips

Tips to teach your kids good money habits

Kids and Money - Tips

Tips for keeping your child's money safe and teaching young kids the basics of money!  

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Start Protecting A Child’s Personal Information At An Early Age

You Can Help your Child Learn How to Manage their Savings

Teach Your Kids The Importance Of Saving Money

529 College Savings Plans

Why do people love First Bank of the Lake?

Lina P.
"This bank and their employees were awesome!! Fast friendly service and the best CD rate around!! Thank you First Bank of the Lake for taking great care of us!!!"
"[This loan] is a LIFESAVER for our organization and thank FBOL for processing my application in a professional manner and, especially being able to help us, as our own home bank did nothing for small businesses. 
I can't wait to change not only our bank, but my own personal accounts as well."
JoAnn S.
"I have banked with FBOL for years and they have always been courteous and most helpful. In my opinion best bank around."

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