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Safe Deposit

Feel confident that your most precious items are secure.

Protect your valuables and important documents with a Safe Deposit Box. 

Why take chances with the things you value most, when you can store them securely in a safe deposit box. They’re sized to fit whatever your needs require. Whether you have expensive jewelry, gold or silver pieces, deeds, policies, certificates, bonds or family keepsakes, a Safe Deposit Box gives you rest easier knowing that your valuables are safely stored.

Some things in life are simply irreplaceable.

Need a safe, secure place to store things? We offer various sizes of safe deposit boxes to suite your needs. 

Sizes range from a small 3"x 5"x21" box to a large 10"x10"x21" size. 

Contact a personal banker at 573.348.2265 to inquire about safe deposit box availability. 

Safe Deposit Boxes are available for customers that need to secure important documents, valuables or treasured items. Boxes come in a variety of sizes and prices.

Please see our Schedule of Fees for the current prices and sizes of Safe Deposit Boxes

You will receive two keys. Each key should be kept in a separate safe location.
We follow extensive safeguards and procedures to protect your valuables. Your signature and identification are required each time you access your Safe Deposit Box. You will need the key to your box and our guard key to access your Safe Deposit Box.
Any items that are inherently dangerous or unlawful are prohibited from storage in a Safe Deposit Box.
You’ll enjoy quick and easy access to your Safe Deposit Box during our convenient lobby hours.
To ensure privacy and security, the bank does not know the content of your box. Bank staff cannot access your box unless you are present.
Some Homeowner’s Insurance Policies cover the contents of Safe Deposit Boxes. We recommend asking your agent about insurance for your contents. The Bank and the FDIC do not insure the contents of your Safe Deposit Box.
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