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Schedule of Fees

Fees for banking services as part of your Account Agreement  us.

In addition to our banking and investment accounts, we offer a wide variety of convenience services for our customers.

A Safe Deposit Box, Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders are just a few of the services we offer. We also provide a variety of supplemental business services for your convenience.

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply.

Banking Service Fee
Account Reconciliation $40 an hour
Cashier Checks $3 each
Incoming (plus postage if applicable)
Outgoing (plus postage if applicable)

$30 each
$30 each
Temporary Checks (Qty 8) $2.50 for 8 checks
Popmoney Transfers $.50 each
Deposit Bags $5 each
Deposit Charge Back Item $3 each
Money Orders $2 each
Nonsufficient Funds (NSF)
(Each item, whether paper check/draft, in-person withdrawal or other electronic means)
$30 each
Photocopies $.25 per page
Research Time $40 an hour
Special Statement & Phone Balance Inquiries $2.50 each
Stop Payment
(each item, whether check or ACH)
$30 each
(customers only)
Domestic Wire Transfer
(incoming or outgoing)
$20 each
Foreign Wire Transfer
(incoming or outgoing)
$90 each
Levy or Garnishment $30 each
Inactive Account Fee
(Account is considered inactive after 6 months of customer inactivity)
$5 a month
Dormant Account Fee
(Account is considered dormant after 12 months of customer inactivity)
$10 a month
“New” Account Closed 180 days after opening $30
Replacement Debit Card $5
Deposit Correction $3
Safe Deposit Boxes

$15 a year
$30 a year
$50 a year
$100 a year
Dormant Official Checks/Money Orders
(Cashier’s Check or other bank checks not cashed within FIVE (5) years from date issued. Personal Money if not cashed within SEVEN (7) years from date issued. Any funds used to purchase the Official Check or Money Order – less the dormancy fee – that remains unclaimed for the 5 or 7 year period may be turned over to the State of Missouri).
Check Ordering Varies on style & number of checks ordered.
Foreign Automated Teller Machine (ATM) $1 each
(in addition to any fees charged by the foreign ATM)